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Fit Momma + Fashionable Momma = Fabulous Momma!

December 30th, 2012

The Guru's Word
Mom and Child Yoga

Getting back in to the swing of working off that baby weight can be easier than you might think. It’s all about creating a little motivation. If you are new to taking on Pre or Post-Natal yoga, now is the perfect time to bring it in to your life.

What an amazing experience to share with your little bundle of joy. The baby will not only benefit from the calming effects yoga has to offer, but the mother-to-be can use this time to both bond with other expecting mothers and exchange useful information regarding this new chapter. This is another fantastic moment within your life to experiment on new fashions with your ever so changing silhouette! CLOTHES! Who doesn’t love to look H-O-T while getting their groove on! Personally, I feel that pregnancy can bring out the “sexiest” form of femininity mother nature has to offer. Have fun with your body and go a little overboard with your wardrobe, trust me, your mat will thank you!

Stay focused, stay fashionable!


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